Nicholas Christensen

Small Business Owner. Entrepreneur. Democrat.

Dedicated to building stronger community, Nicholas is running so that he can bring a more local voice into politics; to rise above the noise and fight for our future.

My Story.

A couple of friends and I saw ourselves staring at an idea. We were all fresh out of college, struggling to find a job that could place us firmly in our careers. We quickly realized that if we didn’t do something for ourselves, no one was going to hand us the opportunities we were looking for.

Alone, we didn’t have the money or the expertise to start a business—but together, we realized we could take a risk and make our idea happen. Four years later and that idea is a living, breathing, and thriving business in Yucca Valley.

Though the first years saw us working morning till late at night, every single day of the week, over time my business partners and I discovered we each also had a role to play in our community. From sponsoring sports teams at the local high school and fundraising with the Mojave Desert Land Trust, to partnerships with the Joshua Tree Retreat Center and The Desert Stars Festival, I have successively become more and more involved in building economic opportunities for AD42, as well as strengthening the cultural and natural resources of our community. But with our national politics pivoting toward injustice and bigotry and normalizing corruption, I knew I had to do more.

Two years ago, I started registering Democrats. I worked the polls during the 2018 election, defending fair and balanced treatment of voters. I joined my local Dem Club and began my campaign for Central Committee, to bring equality, justice, and commonsense democratic values back into government.