Dr. Debra Gail Savitt

Debra Gail Savitt, Doctor of Chiropractic and Counselor for Serenity Hospice in Palm Springs, is a relatively new addition to our Morongo Basin communities. After living in La Quinta and Palm Desert for the past 30 years, she moved to the beautiful town of Yucca Valley about two years ago.

A lifelong student with degrees in BA Cultural Anthropology, BS Biology, and Chiropractic. Debra Savitt plans to continue her studies, activism and participation in local Democratic meetings. She has a Certificate of Ordination in the Madonna Ministries World, which is an ecumenical church without walls and honors all religions and spiritual beliefs from around the world.

Debra created a Spirituality for Children Summer Camp where she shared about religions, various cultural practices, designing their own non-profit organization and Dr. Marshal Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Skills for compassionate communication. In addition, she started the Loving Listeners of Light program, in which volunteers completed a ten week training program on these skills for communication as well. This project assisted people in desert communities by donating books, hospital visits, checking in on seniors, picking up food at food banks and delivering the food where needed.

Winning a scholarship to fly to Washington DC, she participated in a large demonstration (organized by the Home Defenders League) to demand that 82nd U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stand up to the corruption of big banks during the housing market crash.

Debra has volunteered her time at Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine; collaborating with medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medical students to treat homeless citizens of our community for the Street Medicine Project. Setting up her table underneath a canopy of trees, she would often have a long line of people waiting for the chiropractic care that was helping many feel less musculoskeletal pain from sleeping on the streets.

Rosa Lucas, FNP and Robin Denise Johnson (Ph.D, helped Dr. Savitt realize her dream of creating a belly dancing show to raise money for much needed medical supplies. Twenty five dancers donated their time for this cause and the Belly Dance Extravaganza was performed at the Annenberg Theatre’s Eisenhower Hospital Complex.

Dr. Deb fosters kittens from the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms and 4Ever Meow in Palm Desert on a regular basis. Loving and caring for them gives her a great amount of joy.

As a Democratic Party candidate for Democratic Central Committee, 42nd Assembly District – Dr. Debra Gail Savitt will promote social, economic and environmental justice by reforming a system that has excluded too many voices of reason for too long. A healthy democracy, like a healthy body, mind or spirit requires a commitment to participation, and Debra’s campaign is asking our neighbors to participation by registering to vote as a Democrat for the opportunity to support progressive values in upcoming elections.

As part of bringing communities together (regardless of religion, cultural background or political affiliation), Debra’s newest project is planting trees to put oxygen back into the atmosphere as quickly as possible. She believes in preserving public lands, the rights of Indigenous Peoples and continue the struggle towards social justice for all.

Dr. Debra has completed collecting signatures and has qualified as a candidate and will be on the March 3rd, 2019 primary voting ticket under AD42 San Bernardino Central Democratic Committee. IT IS THE LAST PAGE ON THE VOTING TICKET. She is immediately is supporting campaigns/candidates that will make positive changes for future generations to come, creating events for environmental change, and going door to door to speak with people one on one about guarding our personal freedoms climate crisis, and the importance of registering to vote and voting in each election.